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Introduction to the course

In response to the overall development of school enrolment, pluralism and provide high school grade school campaign performance eugenic quality education, the school pipe to 103 school year enrolment in an independent manner the recruitment campaign performance eugenic and fully in the management of the Department of Tourism Management, 105 school year in response to the recruitment campaign item gradually specialization and tourism development properties of this based on existing resources related to the establishment of separate campaign management college sports and health promotion undergraduate school lead immediately to the Ministry of Education agreed, and 106 school year enrolment Enrolment is expected to be recruited in the independent movement of interest in the field of sport performance eugenic.
The units in different formations mode, threaded meaning lies in breaking the preparation of the restrictions related to the use of the school teacher and the device into a specific area of the development of the school sports and health promotion undergraduate school is set in the Management College to cross-cutting cooperation in such a manner as to consolidate the school "tourism management at Master's course cum, natural biological technology & natural spa healing master courses, cultural and creative business management studies and degree courses, life sciences & master courses, information management department and the teacher Master's course, as well as the sports center and Fo Guang Shan three good sports association of software and hardware device that provides students with health promotion of professional courses and provide expertise in the second student learning. The school is equivalent faculties, prepared by setting the same organized, curriculum, teaching architecture specification that combines formations spindle-student expertise and lead thematic cross-domain the benefits of flexibility.
Sports demonstration as the school is one of the 2 spindles and in the spirit of a country YUCAI, continued high-end excellent talents in sports demonstration provide lucrative scholarship, high quality training environment, coaches and teaching environment, school curriculum and training complementary expertise and let players sports standards to further enhance the breakthrough of the well to pave the way for their own future. This money Hongyi classmates elected to the martial arts world Universiade 2017 heat the 60 kg class countries, 105 school year wushu team manages championship wins four gold medals, and baseball team access to public group name of the second performance is the best competitive strength. The school is mainly recruit baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, the martial arts, taekwondo, tennis and Wooden Ball, future may engage in athletes or sports coaches.
Another main "Health Promotion" field is the world trend, in recent years the health promotion campaign involved more in the areas of health and nutrition of the rapid development of the sub-areas that modern people the importance of their body, health literacy and the sit-in lifestyle, movement is the best spa healing prescription is to raise the status of the body and soul of the World Health Organization (WHO) for health of "physical, mental and social" (well of happiness being indispensable elements status).
Therefore, the school for the purpose of the establishment of the recruitment campaign sports players training for sports competitions as well as nurturing talents its second expertise; the second to the recruitment campaign expertise student development movement industry management talent and intervention in health promotion campaign guide talent. The school is a perfect training system training sports players can be put into the job market of the players not to engage in competitive sports, the threading courses student learning a second expertise includes sports coaches and sports industry management and health promotion, look forward to the guidance given campaign background students a quality learning channels and good training field area to enable the students to become professional knowledge, consciously study and practice applications, communication and cooperation, social care and physical and mental Hong Ning of talent can play in the future job into a suitable job market.